OpenShift Nutanix CE 2.0

Guide: Install OpenShift 4.12 using IPI on Nutanix CE 2.0

The ability to install an OpenShift cluster on Nutanix using the installer-provisioned infrastructure (IPI) was introduced with OpenShift 4.11. This guide will walk through installing OpenShift 4.12 using the IPI installer on a Nutanix Cluster. The official documentation for installing OCP 4.12 using the IPI installer is located here: Guides for installing a Nutanix […]

OpenShift Bare Metal

Guide to Installing OpenShift 4.10 IPI on Bare Metal

If you are starting your journey with OpenShift in a lab environment, I recommend using the Assisted Installer with my two-part guide and the accompanying YouTube videos, instead of this guide. This guide will cover installing OpenShift 4.10 on bare metal using the IPI installer (installer-provisioned infrastructure). The IPI method can be described as a […]


GUIDE: Install OpenShift 4 — The Easy Way — Part 2

In Part 1 of this guide we install a three-node OCP 4.7 cluster using the assisted installer. In Part 2 we will: Download the oc client: Browse to and download the client appropriate for your system. For Linux clients, wget the client tar file, extract the client tar file, and move the kubectl and oc […]